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    Post  SineNomine on Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:16 am

    yeah i'm sorry this is terribly written. It was supposed to be a rough draft.

    - "drawmaster" (DM), "gamemaster" (GM), or the "host" all refer to the person(s) drawing.
    - "players" are the ones giving commands.
    - You can learn a lot just by reading other peoples games.

    there are lots of ways a game can be set up. Most games have one drawmaster and one or more player. But there are ways you can mix it up.
    these are the main factors that make up a game:
    Who draws,
    Who gives the commands, and
    How it's decided which commands are to be used.
    "Standard" games always have 1 DM.
    here are some names of types of games:
    - Standard Singleplayer: 1 drawmaster, 1 player. When it's the DM's turn he draws and narrates. Then the Player makes a command. Repeat. Always a closed game. Abbreviated SS
    - Standard Multiplayer (Turns): The players rotate on who's turn it is to make a command. (only 1 command, then the DM posts, then the next persons turn). Usually makes a closed game. Abbreviated SM-turns or SMT
    - Standard Multiplayer (DM Chooses): All the players make a command after each DM post, and the DM chooses which command to use. Almost always an open game. Abbreviated SM
    - Standard Multiplayer (players choose): All the players decide on the commands in another threads. If they decide by polls, the game type is called "standard multiplayer (player polls)". Can either be an open game or a closed game. Abbreviated SMPC or SMPP for player polls.
    - Standard multiplayer (DM polls): The DM will open polls on a variety of commands of his choice. Almost always an open game. Abreviated DMP
    - DM Round-robin : There are a lot of different variations of this type. Usually, the DMs each use their turn by drawing, AND making a command in the same turn for the next DM. They can each control a different character or they can all control the same character. Closed game. Abbreviated RR
    - there is a bunch more but I have to think of fancier names
    - There are lots of ways to mix it up, use whatever you want to!
    - If you don't understand the rules of a certain type of game, read other peoples games who use that type.

    - I'm gonna hold off on making this a rule until it's finished

    tips for the drawmaster:
    - It doesn't matter if you are bad at drawing. It is often more important to players how fast you draw.
    - you can use whatever medium you want, drawing, photos, legos...
    - Make clear the rules, what type of game you're hosting, and who can play.
    - Keep the Photoshop file saved, You will be reusing back rounds a lot
    - always give the player something to do. NO EMPTY ROOMS.
    - stay consistent from the narrative viewpoint, most games use "you" or "your" in both the player commands and the narrative.
    - don't make the image too big
    - give the player long term goals to achieve
    - use whatever style you want. You can pretend it's actually an interactive fiction rpg and have a bunch of stats, or you can keep it simple with just the story and pictures.

    tips for the player:
    - be creative
    - In most cases, you are giving commands to a character, and are not narrating what happens. So only command what is in the characters control.
    - sometimes the DM posts a link to extra instructions in the first post

    post your helpful hints!

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